Things I Have Learnt as a New Graduate Nurse

Now that nursing school is behind me (as is the dreaded NCLEX!), I come to you with this list of things that I have learnt working as a Registered Nurse in a Pediatric Emergency department for a whole 2 months. Yes I know, I am starting off in a double specialty area. Trust me I’ve already heard it a million times.

  1. Keep your head up, you’re new you need to ask questions.
  3. Work hard, while everyone else is on their phones in the nursing station there is always something that can be looked up, cleaned, or stocked.
  4. Document, document, document. You will get made fun of, but when something happens you have CYA. It has already saved mine twice!
  5. Help. When you can, offer to help your buddy. It takes a team to do what we do.
  6. Try to solve the problem before you ask questions. Look it up and then ask for help, you will be respected for doing so.
  7. Never stop seeking out learning opportunities. We definitely didn’t learn everything in nursing school. That brings me to number 8…
  8. Nursing school doesn’t even teach you half of what you need to know.
  9. Be a friend to everyone, don’t get dragged into unit politics especially this early in the game.
  10. It is normal to feel inadequate, like you aren’t ready, or even doubt that you have made the wrong career choice. I am not the only one in my group of friends that has google searched: “jobs you can do with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing”.
  11. Keep your friends close, especially nursing friends. Know one else better understands how you feel. Be a listening ear for them, and they will do the same. We need to support each other and lift each other up during these very trying times.
  12. Its okay to make mistakes. Own up to it, stay calm, and count it as a learning experience.
  13. And finally, remember why you wanted to be a nurse. I know, its corny even for me to say it. It just takes that one parent who smiles and genuinely thanks you, or gives you a hug for being there for them and their child is a humbling experience and an important reminder of why we get up at 5 am everyday.





Pediatric Daily & Hourly Fluid Requirement Calculations


First 0-10 kg: 100 mL/kg

Second 10-20 kg: 50 mL/kg

21+ kg: 20 mL/kg

Example: Calculate the daily requirement of a 22 kg patient.

0-10 kg= 100 mL/kg x 10 kg= 1000 mL

10-20 kg= 50 mL/kg x 10 kg= 500 mL

21+ kg= 20 mL/kg x 2 kg= 40 mL

1000mL+ 500mL+40mL = 1540 mL/ day


I find it easiest to first calculate your daily requirement and then divide it by 24hrs to calculate HFR:

Example from above: DFR= 1540mL/day

1540mL/24 hours = 64.12mL/hour